What is strategy consulting?
Strategy consultants help organizations gain insight into some of their toughest problems. We work with clients to structure solutions including improving organizational efficiency, increasing profitability, and determining growth strategies. EC works with clients ranging from large corporations, start-ups, governments, and non-profit organizations. See Our Work for examples of our past projects.

What is a market sizing question and how do you approach it?
Market sizing questions are often used to test a candidate's business intuition and comfort with quantitative problem solving. Candidates will be expected to perform a market sizing during our first round interviews. A typical market sizing question is: "How many bagels are sold in the C-Shop per day?" We are looking for responses that logically drill down to a reasonable answer, not necessarily the most accurate answer.

What is a case question and how do you approach it?
A case question is a business problem that we want to solve. Our interview process includes a written case question in our application and three live cases during our final rounds. We are looking for responses with well-justified assumptions, good business sense, structured solutions, and creative approaches. We do not expect candidates to have experience in running cases or to follow specific frameworks. If candidates want to gain exposure to case interviews, we recommend looking through example cases from consulting firms such as the the Boston Consulting Group.

What can candidates do to prepare for EC interviews?
We encourage candidates to reflect on business problems they have seen with companies in the news or during part-time jobs and think about how management went about solving these problems. Thinking about alternate solutions and reflecting on first-hand experience can help candidates think creatively about the business problems we present in interviews. We have a couple of example cases that you can refer to for practice:

Practice Case 1

Practice Case 2